STELLIUM will support PROTECT initiatives to reduce the  vulnerability of children against human trafficking and exploitation by donating a fair portion of the sales incurred through the events, pop up shops and other retail ventures.


The California Attorney General’s office is partnering with three nonprofit organizations to tackle the pervasive issue of human trafficking. The group is working on three key aspects of victim identification and prevention: 1) Model protocols for reporting and serving students that are identified as victims or potential victims of human trafficking; 2) Training initiatives for professionals working with children who have been or could be victimized; and, 3) Developing classroom curricula to teach students about the dangers and methods of human traffickers, to encourage self-identification, to prevent children from becoming victims and to empower them to be modern abolitionists.

Non-Profit Organizations Involved

3 Strands Global, Ashlie Bryant: ashlieb[@] Educate students on human trafficking in 13 counties (9th grade health classes per SB1165)
Employ survivors of human trafficking, providing a fair wage, education and healthcare

Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, Robert Benz: rbenz[@]
Create teacher training modules and classroom curriculum for secondary school students
Founded by descendants of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington

Love Never Fails, Vanessa Russell: vanessa[@]
Manage two houses which shelter women and children who are victims of human trafficking.
Educate students in the classroom on human trafficking (K-12)
Provide mentoring, workforce development and missing child searches