Music of the Spheres was everything we hoped it would be plus more. On April 28, 2017, artists, young musicians, advocates, and freedom fighters came together to honor trafficking survivors and victims and the people who save them. This might sound like a night filled with heartbreak and sorrow but it was the opposite. When abolitionists speakers shared their brave stories, yes the crowd was tearfully moved, but most importantly, they were inspired. Our greatest hope is that this inspiration will carry on to advocacy.   

At Stellium, we’ve decided to play our part in the fight against child trafficking by celebrating the heroes that are out there on a daily basis and to help them raise awareness and funding. Music of the Spheres did just that and we brought along a few of our artist friends to make this celebration nothing short of amazing. 

One of the things that made Music of the Spheres so compelling was seeing talented young musicians from Oakland School of the Arts, Oaktown Jazz Workshops, and Oakland Youth Chorus back artists including Kev Choice, Zion I, and Lateef the Truthspeaker. It was poignant to see kids helping kids through music. Seeing the youth orchestra and choir up there on stage in the grandeur that is Grace Cathedral was pure magic.

Words cannot describe what was experienced that night. The best we can offer is this beautiful recap of Music of the Spheres 2017.

Produced by Matthew Evearitt

"No More Power" - Jel of Anticon & Lateef the Truthspeaker
"Feel The Love" - Kev Choice