By Malaya Van Kleek, Stellium

The Alliance Conference 2016  was held Last June 9-12 and was put together by NAMAC which was spearheaded by their brilliant Executive Director, Wendy Levy. This conference presents a good balance of creativity and innovation for strategic collaboration and capturing journey/ lessons learned through art and storytelling.

Stellium was lucky enough to be a part of Alliance 2016 from June 10th-11th. The conference was a tremendous success from its strategic location, high quality roster of panelists, to the amazing breakout sessions.  

Being a newcomer in the field of arts and culture, the lessons and inspiration that we got from the discussions were truly invaluable. We learned that in order to achieve the best possible outcomes and keep up with the ever changing landscape, we need to create cohesive, accessible multi-platform information and a conducive environment for partnership and  collaboration. Storytelling is a key element for success to capture important lessons in the past, embracing the innovation and potential growth of the here and now while relentlessly plowing and breaking new ground for the future.

Coming out of the conference, we are looking at our work and the change that we want to see in a much broader,  more holistic perspective. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity. Special thanks to Wendy Levy and her team for an extraordinary learning experience.