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Jim Jones

“Jim Jones” is a song about the life and times the cult leader who led over 900 people from California to their deaths in Guyana in 1978. First in a series of songs about cults from Qualia (they have at least a dozen more coming).

Just by purchasing this track you will join Foreign Legion and Stellium fight child & youth trafficking. This track is only available here and proceeds go to Visayan Forum and PROTECT

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Qualia is an auditory outfit spearheaded by Alison Niedbalski. 

Born in Alabama and raised in the dirty South (Bend, IN), her devotion to music became apparent early on by the hours she spent spinning records, playing classical piano, and arguing with other children who "loved" the Beatles but had never heard of Harry Nilsson. 

After coming of age in the Chicago scene, she moved West to teach philosophy and found herself forming a band. 

Bear witness to their progressive death soul, brought to you by a band of envelope pushers based in Oakland, CA.