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Purchase the exclusive track "On My Way" to help fight child & youth trafficking.

Foreign Legion: On My Way

Foreign Legion return triumphantly with another hip hop anthem that inspires you to get up and do something! And you can. Just by purchasing this track you will join Foreign Legion and Stellium fight child & youth trafficking. This track is only available here and proceeds go to Visayan Forum and PROTECT

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Foreign Legion’s anthemic hip hop track “On My Way” is the perfect soundtrack for this 13 year-old girl who is training to be a boxer. 

Directed by: Eryn Thespia Sparrow Brydon
First Camera: Dan Quinones
First Assistant Camera: Rachelle Lerude
Producer: Stellium
Cast: Zachary Turner, Marc Stretch, Zyrria Rosales, Isaias Rosales, Luis Silva, Justin Randall, Jamel Larios, Angel Santana, Alfredo Gopa
Location: King’s Gym, Oakland, CA

About Foreign Legion

Bay area hip hop legends Foreign Legion, consisting of super emcees Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch, have been busy. Touring Australia twice and Europe over ten times! They have made a solid name since the year 2000 with their now classic debut, "Kidnapper Van: Beats To Rock While Bike Stealing", the critically acclaimed follow up album, "Playtight" in 2002 (both produced by Dj Design) and two solo albums by Prozack Turner featurning world class production by Pete Rock, Madlib, Jay Dilla, Oh No and featuring Brother Ali.

Relentless worldwide touring, recording, and collaborating have made Foreign Legion one of the most respected hip hop crews in the underground. They have played, not only in the United States, but in Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, 

Croatia, Denmark, and Austria doing shows with the likes of Dilated Peoples, Hieroglyphics, Tha Liks, The Beatnuts,Zion I, Jurassic Five, Parliament, Gangstarr and KRS ONE. Foreign Legion are known for "A list" production and lyrical prowess, combined with tales of all night parties, life, pain, love, loss and a passion for making music, have all contributed to the success of Foreign Legion. 

Shows are high energy,west coast party hip hop and include large crowd participation, call and response combined with classic showmanship and amazing onstage charisma. Foreign Legion have been know to jump in the crowds, hang upside down while rhyming and improvise constantly in the live show! At a famous Foreign Legion show, Prozack rhymed while in a large backpack worn by Marc Stretch!!


"On My Way" Video Shoot

King's Boxing Gym  |  04.16.16  |  Photos by Dan Quinones