Stellium is creating a social change platform that inspires the indie music community to join the movement against child trafficking and end modern day slavery. This will be accomplished by offering innovative, collaborative events like Music of the Spheres, which will partner with a youth orchestra to back indie artists. Additionally, Stellium will offer exclusive music tracks and merchandise.

Stellium was formed with a love for music and a relentless drive to make a difference. The power of music is undeniable. Everyone has felt it. In the same way the smell of maple syrup and bacon bring you back to your favorite kitchen, the starting notes of your favorite song capture you completely and the world stops for a few moments. Music is far more than sound, it’s memories and emotions that move us, inspire us, make us happy and sad (sometimes both at the same time).

It is with this understanding that we embark on this endeavor to use music to stand up for at-risk youth who need a little extra help. Our first campaign will empower kids in the most desolate areas of the Philippines to avoid being trafficked and pulled into unthinkable situations. And that’s just where we’re getting started. We will travel the globe producing incredible music events and helping every child we can along the way.

By aligning musicians, we are strong. Let’s be inspired by great indie artists that are producing some of the greatest music of our time. They’ve taken the stand with us. Will you? It’s easy. Join us at our shows and visit our pop-up shop. Purchase exclusive music tracks and band merchandise where profits benefit our causes. Help spread the word with all your friends on social media.


The Team


Maria Malaya Oebanda-Van Kleek spent most of her life as a freedom fighter and advocate for the empowerment of vulnerable sectors such as victims of human trafficking, abusive domestic work and other forms of social injustice.  With over 10 years experience in campaigning and advocating for Visayan Forum, a Philippines established organization known for creating innovative lasting solutions to end exploitation and slavery. She was able to develop a strong, functional network of international partners and organized high impact local and international events.



Michelle Ryan has over a decade of experience in media, design, and marketing and is a dedicated musician, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Early on in her university studies, Michelle realized the best way to fulfill her philanthropic aspirations was to utilize mass media and entertainment. It was only a matter of time before she would embark on a social good company like Stellium. As Co-Founder she wears many hats but leads creative direction and artist relations. She is also a vital contributor to company strategy, business development, marketing, and retail. For her, Stellium is a dream come true and she is thrilled to be able to help kids through her first


Technical Production Manager


Kenyon Shutt is a young engineer who loves to combine math and electricity with live entertainment. Ever since he tested out of high school in junior year, he has been following his passion nonstop, working as an audio engineer around the Bay Area. To him, there’s something powerfully exciting about the underdog responsibility that comes with live engineering: the idea that there is no sound, and no entertainment, without a sound guy, yet during the show, the man behind the board is the last thing on anyone’s mind. He has worked countless concerts and festivals around the bay, and has been absolutely delighted to work with Stellium to help bring together our community through the world’s universal language of music.